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Adenovirus infection is usually uneventful, and symptoms resolve within a few days. But Amoxicillin pills picture can be more serious in people with weak immune systems, especially in children.

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fever lasting 2–3 days to 2 weeks. Adenovirus infection in children and adults: signs, treatment. Adenovirus infection is an acute pathology caused by an adenovirus. The disease is manifested by general intoxication of the body, inflammation of the nasopharynx, signs of keratoconjunctivitis, tonsillopharyngitis and mesentericitis.

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Both sporadic cases of pathology and outbreaks of epidemics are recorded. Types of adenovirus lesions: Hemorrhagic conjunctivitis develops after a respiratory infection or as a result of infection in the water of swimming pools or surface water bodies; ARVI - in newly formed children's and adult groups; Keratoconjunctivitis in newborns; Meningoencephalitis is a rare form that develops in children and adults; Nosocomial infection is the result of medical manipulations.

The causative agent of the disease is adenovirus, which was first isolated from the adenoids and tonsils of sick children. It consists of DNA coated with a capsid, thanks to which the virus retains its pathogenic properties and is resistant to cold, drying, alkalis, ether. The reservoir of infection is a sick person or a virus carrier.

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Viruses with lymph flow penetrate into the lymph nodes, accumulate there, which leads to the development of peripheral lymphadenopathy and mesenteric adenitis. The activity of the macrophage link of immunity is suppressed, the vascular endothelium is affected, and viremia develops. Pathogens hematogenously enter various organs. Viruses are often fixed in the liver and spleen with the development of Amoxicillin .

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There are several classifications of the disease into groups: By severity - light, medium and heavy; Downstream - smooth, complicated; By type - typical and atypical; According to the severity of clinical symptoms - with a predominance of symptoms of intoxication or with a predominance of local changes. Clinic of the disease in adults.

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The incubation period lasts 2 weeks and is characterized by the penetration of adenoviruses into cells and their subsequent death. Prodroma is the stage of the forerunners of the disease, which is observed from the first manifestations to the expanded clinical picture. It lasts 10-15 days and is manifested by weakness, fatigue, weakness.

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A characteristic feature of the disease is damage to organs and systems in a strict sequence: from the nose and cornea of ​​the eyes to the intestines. In adults, adenovirus infection is manifested by the following symptoms:

Symptoms of intoxication - fever, headache, muscle, joint pain. Violation of nasal breathing and profuse mucous discharge from it; Inflammation of the tonsils: they are swollen, friable, red with a whitish dotted bloom; Lymphadenitis.

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